The Anatomy Of A Song

The Anatomy of a Song: The Story of O.J.

6 months ago Ricardo Hylton 0
What were you doing in the summer of 1996? Perhaps you were watching Merlene Ottey and Michael Johnson burn up the tracks in the Atlanta Olympics. Or if you were lucky you were wearing out your thumbs on the latest game console, the Nintendo 64. If you were a hip hop head, you were nodding Read More

The Anatomy of A Song: Erykah Badu’s “Tyrone”

7 months ago Ricardo Hylton 1
Beyoncé tried to surpass her with “irreplaceable.” Justin Timberlake asked her to “cry me a river” whilst Taylor Swift angrily confirmed, “we are never ever getting back together.” These are all superbly crafted, wonderfully empowering songs for the broken hearted; great ditties to accompany your tear stained pillows after seeing your former superhero or heroine Read More

The Anatomy Of A Song: Sizzla’s Trust and Love

8 months ago Ricardo Hylton 4
I want you to imagine being 12 or 13 years old. Since birth you have been trotted off to church. You have been told all about God, his jealousy and his wrath. You know that disobeying his commands will result in eternal fire, roasting on a spit like a dead pig. You will beg to Read More

The Anatomy of A Song: Lupe Fiasco’s Hurt Me Soul

8 months ago Chad 1
It comes to us all: a time when change is not merely desired, but required. The year 2006 remains infamous for the year Hip Hop’s pendulum tilted on the Southern arrow of its compass. From the perspective of some fans, it was equitable to a cardiac arrest prognosis: the end was near or at best, its life Read More

The Anatomy Of A Song: J. Cole’s 03’ Adolescence

8 months ago Chad 0
  This invisible alien first discovered J. Cole in 2009 on his mixtape “The Come Up.” Seriously, I love every song on that mixtape. It may not be as cohesive as The Warm Up or Friday Night Lights, but some of my favorite J. Cole tracks are all on his first project. Let’s Talk About Read More