Election called to bring stability has brought chaos

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The week prior, she declined to show up for a debate, leaving the Labour leader to accost her deputy, Amber Rudd. “I would just say this to Amber: If you think this is a country at ease with itself, have you been to a food bank?” Corbyn said. “Have you seen people sleeping around our Read More

The Chinese Super League is a threat to the English Premier League. Good!

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We’ve all been there: the teenager with more spots than a Dalmatian. Or maybe you just wouldn’t grow tall enough, popular enough, blonde enough, well to do enough, or heck just not smart enough. Face it, you just didn’t have enough style, snazz or oomph. Then year 20 came. Your posture straightened. Clear skin and Read More

The Riddle of Foreign Aid (Part 1)

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This is part one in a four part series on foreign aid and the charity sector to be published over the next four weeks.   Aesop’s fable on Hercules and the wagoner should interest anyone interested in the utility of foreign aid. A wagoner was driving a wagon along a country lane, when the wheels Read More

The Anatomy of A Song: Erykah Badu’s “Tyrone”

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Beyoncé tried to surpass her with “irreplaceable.” Justin Timberlake asked her to “cry me a river” whilst Taylor Swift angrily confirmed, “we are never ever getting back together.” These are all superbly crafted, wonderfully empowering songs for the broken hearted; great ditties to accompany your tear stained pillows after seeing your former superhero or heroine Read More

Manuel Noriega (The Real Noriega) Is Dead – An Obituary

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Thugganomics In 2017, when we live in an era that surges with new monsters, fanatics and tyrants, the former Panamanian strongman Manuel Antonio Noriega, who died in a hospital last Monday, at the age of 83, seem an almost quaint throwback to another time. Noriega had been all but forgotten by the world since his Read More

Tory Broken Promises: There are more than you think!

7 months ago Chad 1
So the election has come to past and the Tories have been rebuffed. They will form a coalition of chaos with Northern Ireland’s DUP. My head is in my hands but then I thought the campaign for the next election begins now. With that said, I want to put on record promises made and promises Read More

An Icon? The True Legacy of Pele

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I don’t think I had ever watched a video clip of Pele before I accepted he was the greatest footballer of all time. Such was the received wisdom, that I’m sure I was not alone. I heard about the three World Cups and the hundreds of goals he scored. But only as I grew older Read More

The Invisible Aliens Endorse Jeremy Corbyn

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Theresa May’s plan to hoodwink the British public has not been going so well in recent weeks. The Prime minister who called a cynical election to “strengthen her hand in the negotiations” may end up watching them from home. Strong and Stable! Psssh “The Tory ‘strength and stability’ message has been undermined throughout the campaign. The Read More

The Sixteen-Step Immigrant Survival Manual (Steps 5-8)

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Steps 5-8 This is a series of sixteen survival steps that all immigrants must know and embrace. They will be released in four articles over four weeks. Welcome to week two. You can read part one here.     Step Five                              Read More

The Anatomy Of A Song: Sizzla’s Trust and Love

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I want you to imagine being 12 or 13 years old. Since birth you have been trotted off to church. You have been told all about God, his jealousy and his wrath. You know that disobeying his commands will result in eternal fire, roasting on a spit like a dead pig. You will beg to Read More

In the Aftermath of Islamist Terror…

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In the aftermath of last week’s terrorist atrocity in Manchester, my mind drifted to September 11, 2001. I was in Jamaica. Specifically, I awoke in Kingston, Jamaica that fateful morning, on Preston Hall on the University of the West Indies. I had a politics 101 lecture. Someone turned on the TV and before long my friends and Read More

An Ode To The Power Of A Stepfather

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“Braaaap!’ we would all jump off the sofa. The sound emanating from the ether would seemingly shake our small wooden house. You would move lastly, an expression of shock etched across your face. ‘It’s a rat!’ you would shout. ‘Watch out!’ My brother and I would scamper with our trembling feet out the house. Of Read More

Donald Trump Wants To Make America Great Again. When Was It Ever So?

8 months ago Ricardo Hylton 1
Ever since his orange-red toupee peeked out from a grubby Manhattan manhole in 2015, Donald Trump’s unbroken refrain has been “let’s make America great again.” It has really grinded my gears but also proved to be an intellectual challenge. This invisible alien is an amateur American history sleuth, and whilst that country has undeniably achieved Read More

The Sixteen-Steps Immigrant Survival Manual (Steps 1-4)

8 months ago Chad 1
Steps 1-4 This is a series of sixteen survival steps that all immigrants must know and embrace for their survival in distant lands. They will be released in four articles over the next four weeks. Study up!   So you’ve barely survived the lashings of the great waves and the gnashing teeth of sharks that Read More

In Sport, Who holds more value: the owner or the player?

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This invisible alien works in education with learners who are often fanatic about sports. The one sure complaint, however, sure to be voiced in any given week is the often lamented; ‘football players make too much money!’ I try and explain that there is a lot of cash in the game from ticket sales, sponsorship deals Read More

The Queen Is Pretty Resilient. Pssh!

8 months ago Chad 1
So people in the UK have finally found their moral compass (coincidentally, it points north). Yes, these compassionate, thoughtful people were all heartbroken back in February about the message it sends that The Donald was being given an official state visit to the UK. Can you imagine it? The Queen will have to, through those Read More

The Anatomy of A Song: Lupe Fiasco’s Hurt Me Soul

8 months ago Chad 1
It comes to us all: a time when change is not merely desired, but required. The year 2006 remains infamous for the year Hip Hop’s pendulum tilted on the Southern arrow of its compass. From the perspective of some fans, it was equitable to a cardiac arrest prognosis: the end was near or at best, its life Read More

A letter to my Bi-racial (cough), mixed-raced children

8 months ago Chad 2
Selena, you are only four years old and you say the cutest things. For example, you always say when I tell you I’m a strong black man: ‘but dadddddeeee, you are not black, you’re brown.’ When I ask you what’s mummy’s color then if daddy is brown, you are always stuck, and we both keel Read More

The Conservatives are Anti-Poor!

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Will it rain in Manchester in January? Did Muhammad Ali talk trash to his opponents in the squared circle? Are the Conservatives anti-poor? The answers to these inquiries are as clear as a cube of solid sunshine: Yes, Yes and Hell yeah! The Invisible Aliens have always found it curious that a political party claiming Read More