The Anatomy Of A Song: J. Cole’s 03’ Adolescence

8 months ago Chad 0
  This invisible alien first discovered J. Cole in 2009 on his mixtape “The Come Up.” Seriously, I love every song on that mixtape. It may not be as cohesive as The Warm Up or Friday Night Lights, but some of my favorite J. Cole tracks are all on his first project. Let’s Talk About Read More

Is it a Good Time to be a Girl? Where Class and Gender Intersect.

8 months ago Chad 5
Is it a great time to be a girl? I’ve heard this answered in the affirmative by various experts on the matter? Gender inequality is dead. Look at all the women in starring roles, they claim, wide-eyed and incredulous that anyone would claim otherwise. Women are now Presidents and Prime Ministers; engineers and company directors. Read More

Oh Ye Peaceful Negroes

8 months ago Chad 0
Let this invisible alien state for the record, that like Paul Beatty’s slippery narrator in his magnificent book The Sellout, I’ve never committed a crime in my life. I’ve never stolen socks from Primark or bacon from Sainsbury’s. I’m a law and order sorta guy I guess. That may surprise you somewhat because I am black Read More

The Secrets To Making Bob Marley An Icon

9 months ago Chad 0
Quick! Try and think of something you don’t like about Bob Marley. Nothing, right? All this invisible alien has is a general uneasiness about guys christened Bob who can then be called Robert when it suits them. Seems a little shifty. Other than that, the Jamaican reggae superstar’s place as an icon in the pantheon Read More

Can Black People Learn From The LGBTQ Community?

9 months ago Chad 6
Nothing is truly lost until you stop looking for it. Have you watched Milk? No, I’m not referring to standing by the refrigerator door and watching the pasteurized yield of the cow’s teats settle at the bottom of a jug. The Milk I am referring to is the 2008 biographical movie starring Sean Penn based Read More

Mummy Sold Crack Cocaine. And She Was Right!

9 months ago Chad 7
Even though what we do is wrong… Freeway ft. Jay-Z & Beanie Sigel This invisible alien slithered, smuggled my way that is, onto the lower rungs of the middle class (whatever that is) through the back door on account of my formal education (a few degrees here and there), profession (somewhere in education) and by Read More

The Repudiation of Experts in the Post-Truth Age

10 months ago Chad 0
There is no such thing as an objective truth… All facts are just interpretation… All knowledge is just someone’s narrative A Crash Course in Fact   June 24th, 2016 was a grim day in Britain’s ivory towers. Cobbled together under their lalique cactus tables, the stunned inhabitants comprising the political, financial and intellectual elite received Read More

Pride, Prejudice and The Flatmate Interview 

10 months ago Chad 5
So mummy and daddy has finally had enough of you keeping the heating dial stuck on full blast. They fume when you leave your drawers on the bedroom floor and your prolonged exodus of the baked beaned, cheesy pasta stained dishes in the kitchen sink. Splashing the bathroom with soapy water and yellow plastic ducks Read More

Reevaluating Nelson Madiba Mandela

10 months ago Chad 2
The Legacy: Re-evaluating Nelson Mandela Listen, the Invisible Aliens love Nelson Mandela as much as the next man or woman. All those years (27 to be precise) in a damp jail cell and all that Robin Island prison food would have made me bitter. So bitter indeed that every single Afrikaans tongue wagging apartheid peddler Read More