BBC salary data shows huge pay gap between white and black stars

6 months ago Ricardo Hylton 0
Social imbalance is even worse behind the scenes, with decisions on news in the hands of white middle classes   The BBC’s best-paid star, Chris Evans, took home roughly the same as all of its BME high-earners put together last year. Just 10 people on the list were from a minority ethnic background, and they Read More

Oh Ye Peaceful Negroes

8 months ago Chad 0
Let this invisible alien state for the record, that like Paul Beatty’s slippery narrator in his magnificent book The Sellout, I’ve never committed a crime in my life. I’ve never stolen socks from Primark or bacon from Sainsbury’s. I’m a law and order sorta guy I guess. That may surprise you somewhat because I am black Read More

Pride, Prejudice and The Flatmate Interview 

10 months ago Chad 5
So mummy and daddy has finally had enough of you keeping the heating dial stuck on full blast. They fume when you leave your drawers on the bedroom floor and your prolonged exodus of the baked beaned, cheesy pasta stained dishes in the kitchen sink. Splashing the bathroom with soapy water and yellow plastic ducks Read More