Brexit! If You’re An Immigrant From Beyond The EU, What’s Not To Love?

5 months ago Ricardo Hylton 1
The Invisible Aliens were watching The Daily Politics from a few days ago, and was taken aback when a lady with a distinctly Jamaican accent bemoaned the UK’s exit from the European Union. We were flabbergasted. Whilst the native white British moaned and wringed their hands over the supposedly impending financial apocalypse caused by Brexit Read More

David Beckham and other celebrities lose £700m tax case

6 months ago Ricardo Hylton 0
Celebrities including David Beckham and Wayne Rooney lost a legal bid to overturn a £700m tax bill. They were among more than 1,000 people who invested in the Ingenious film financing schemes in the hope of securing tax relief. Ingenious, which helped produce movies including Avatar, qualified for tax breaks designed to support the UK Read More

The Conservatives are Anti-Poor!

6 months ago Chad 0
Will it rain in Manchester in January? Did Muhammad Ali talk trash to his opponents in the squared circle? Are the Conservatives anti-poor? The answers to these inquiries are as clear as a cube of solid sunshine: Yes, Yes and Hell yeah! The Invisible Aliens have always found it curious that a political party claiming Read More