Brexit! If You’re An Immigrant From Beyond The EU, What’s Not To Love?

5 months ago Ricardo Hylton 1
The Invisible Aliens were watching The Daily Politics from a few days ago, and was taken aback when a lady with a distinctly Jamaican accent bemoaned the UK’s exit from the European Union. We were flabbergasted. Whilst the native white British moaned and wringed their hands over the supposedly impending financial apocalypse caused by Brexit Read More

The Sixteen-Steps Immigrant Survival Manual (Steps 1-4)

6 months ago Chad 1
Steps 1-4 This is a series of sixteen survival steps that all immigrants must know and embrace for their survival in distant lands. They will be released in four articles over the next four weeks. Study up!   So you’ve barely survived the lashings of the great waves and the gnashing teeth of sharks that Read More