Grenfell Tower Burned: The Ramifications

7 months ago Ricardo Hylton 1
The incineration of Grenfell Tower on June 14, the deadliest fire in Britain in more than a century, is now a national tragedy. The London police on Friday blamed flammable materials used in the facade for the spread of the blaze and said the investigation could bring charges of manslaughter. Hundreds of families were evacuated Read More

Is it a Good Time to be a Girl? Where Class and Gender Intersect.

8 months ago Chad 5
Is it a great time to be a girl? I’ve heard this answered in the affirmative by various experts on the matter? Gender inequality is dead. Look at all the women in starring roles, they claim, wide-eyed and incredulous that anyone would claim otherwise. Women are now Presidents and Prime Ministers; engineers and company directors. Read More