The Anatomy Of A Song: Sizzla’s Trust and Love

8 months ago Ricardo Hylton 4
I want you to imagine being 12 or 13 years old. Since birth you have been trotted off to church. You have been told all about God, his jealousy and his wrath. You know that disobeying his commands will result in eternal fire, roasting on a spit like a dead pig. You will beg to Read More

Eye Popping Pogba Fees and Football Agents

8 months ago Chad 0
It was revealed last week that a deep immorality lies at the heart of football. Revealed, that is, if you had been hibernating beneath a mossy stone for the past 50 years because all the news of Paul Pogba and his agent’s fees did was confirm what we already know: that underhand payoffs in football Read More

Oh Ye Peaceful Negroes

8 months ago Chad 0
Let this invisible alien state for the record, that like Paul Beatty’s slippery narrator in his magnificent book The Sellout, I’ve never committed a crime in my life. I’ve never stolen socks from Primark or bacon from Sainsbury’s. I’m a law and order sorta guy I guess. That may surprise you somewhat because I am black Read More