Bumbling Theresa May Strikes Again

1 month ago Ricardo Hylton 0
You know things are going badly when even the writing on the wall falls off. Just when Prime Minister Theresa May needed a rousing, commanding speech to restore authority over her warring Conservative Party, she endured a nightmare. First there was the prankster, theatrically handing her a notice that she was fired. Then a persistent Read More

The Mesmeric Art of the Political Lie

5 months ago Ricardo Hylton 0
Most people think that when they place an X in the polling booth that they are voting for a politician, a political party and the particular values they espouse; the views expressed in a manifesto or the ones that fly from their esteemed lips on the stump. Political voting is a particularly personal decision, which Read More

Obama Accept Wall Street Dosh for Speeches

7 months ago Chad 2
The Invisible Aliens admire Barack Obama. A lot. He didn’t get everything right but he ran a scandal free administration and did some good things to advance the interests of marginalised groups. It is because of our deep admiration for the former president that makes us so profoundly disappointed to learn that he was paid Read More