Forget Trump and CNN: Football Transfer Rumors are the Real Fake News

4 months ago Ricardo Hylton 0
Morning all. It’s a beautiful day. The sun is shining, the sky is blue, the tumbleweeds are tumbling … and oh, someone somewhere calling himself or herself a journalist is peddling a false story about a football transfer. Did you ever wonder where they came from, that constant stream of transfer rumours? Were the top journalists Read More

In Sport, Who holds more value: the owner or the player?

6 months ago Chad 0
This invisible alien works in education with learners who are often fanatic about sports. The one sure complaint, however, sure to be voiced in any given week is the often lamented; ‘football players make too much money!’ I try and explain that there is a lot of cash in the game from ticket sales, sponsorship deals Read More

Eye Popping Pogba Fees and Football Agents

6 months ago Chad 0
It was revealed last week that a deep immorality lies at the heart of football. Revealed, that is, if you had been hibernating beneath a mossy stone for the past 50 years because all the news of Paul Pogba and his agent’s fees did was confirm what we already know: that underhand payoffs in football Read More

The Secrets To Making Bob Marley An Icon

7 months ago Chad 0
Quick! Try and think of something you don’t like about Bob Marley. Nothing, right? All this invisible alien has is a general uneasiness about guys christened Bob who can then be called Robert when it suits them. Seems a little shifty. Other than that, the Jamaican reggae superstar’s place as an icon in the pantheon Read More