Cambridge University cancel performance of The Flick due to whitewashing row

7 months ago Ricardo Hylton 0
Cambridge University Amateur Dramatics Club have had to cancel a play after complaints were made that there was a lack of black actors. Award-winning drama The Flick was going to be staged this term, but has been mothballed due to accusations of whitewashing. The role of a character who was African-American in the original script Read More

A letter to my Bi-racial (cough), mixed-raced children

8 months ago Chad 2
Selena, you are only four years old and you say the cutest things. For example, you always say when I tell you I’m a strong black man: ‘but dadddddeeee, you are not black, you’re brown.’ When I ask you what’s mummy’s color then if daddy is brown, you are always stuck, and we both keel Read More

Obama Accept Wall Street Dosh for Speeches

9 months ago Chad 2
The Invisible Aliens admire Barack Obama. A lot. He didn’t get everything right but he ran a scandal free administration and did some good things to advance the interests of marginalised groups. It is because of our deep admiration for the former president that makes us so profoundly disappointed to learn that he was paid Read More

Mummy Sold Crack Cocaine. And She Was Right!

9 months ago Chad 7
Even though what we do is wrong… Freeway ft. Jay-Z & Beanie Sigel This invisible alien slithered, smuggled my way that is, onto the lower rungs of the middle class (whatever that is) through the back door on account of my formal education (a few degrees here and there), profession (somewhere in education) and by Read More