An Icon? The True Legacy of Pele

7 months ago Ricardo Hylton 0
I don’t think I had ever watched a video clip of Pele before I accepted he was the greatest footballer of all time. Such was the received wisdom, that I’m sure I was not alone. I heard about the three World Cups and the hundreds of goals he scored. But only as I grew older Read More

The Donald Hits The Road (Erm, The Air).

8 months ago Chad 0
Presidential travel is an exercise in awe-inspiring global leadership, logistical magic, and teamwork. For a president under pressure, it can offer blissful respite from the demands of domestic politics and crushing schedules of the West Wing. With Donald Trump, however, even the simplest, most exquisitely planned trip, executed by the most experienced officials in the Read More

The Queen Is Pretty Resilient. Pssh!

8 months ago Chad 1
So people in the UK have finally found their moral compass (coincidentally, it points north). Yes, these compassionate, thoughtful people were all heartbroken back in February about the message it sends that The Donald was being given an official state visit to the UK. Can you imagine it? The Queen will have to, through those Read More

Oh Ye Peaceful Negroes

8 months ago Chad 0
Let this invisible alien state for the record, that like Paul Beatty’s slippery narrator in his magnificent book The Sellout, I’ve never committed a crime in my life. I’ve never stolen socks from Primark or bacon from Sainsbury’s. I’m a law and order sorta guy I guess. That may surprise you somewhat because I am black Read More